About Ice Dams

Ice dams are frozen ridges of melting snow that stop the water from flowing off the roof. Ice dams can form on roofs, eaves, dormers, roof valleys, gutters, skylights and downspouts and can cause shingle damage, water leakage into the roof, damage to insulation, moisture leakage into walls and ceilings, and gutter or downspout problems.

Ice dams can be a persistent problem in Nebraska during extended periods of below-freezing temperatures. Ice dams form when roof areas become warm enough to melt snow, typically because of the combination of the insulating effect of heavy snow accumulation and heat loss from conditioned spaces. Water from melted snow runs down the roof under the snow cover and refreezes along roof overhangs where the roof surface temperature is lower. As more water from the melting snow becomes trapped behind the dam of ice, it can back up under shingles and infiltrate the underlayment, leading to leaks.

Prevent Ice Dams

Where ice damming presents an urgent problem and demands immediate action, it may be advisable to remove the snow accumulated on the roof and to prevent additional water backups. Snow removal from a rooftop should be attempted only if it can be done safely from the ground level. An extended-handle broom or roof rake specifically designed for snow removal from sloped roofs may be used to pull snow down and off a roof. This action may damage the roof and should be performed with care to avoid hitting the roof surface, dislodging roof covering materials or pushing snow up the roof.

*We do not recommend attempting to break up ice build-ups on roofs by chipping away with shovels, picks, etc., or applying high-pressure, high-temperature water. The impact of sharp or hard tools or thermal shock is likely to damage a roof covering and aggravate any existing issues from ice damming.

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Learn More About Ice Dams

Follow the link to watch this short video to learn more about ice dams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AGU5wDO0cw