Stonebrook Exterior specializes in the procurement and installation of all materials required to a building’s complete exterior enclosure. Our overall scope of services includes (but is not limited to) the procurement and installation of complete commercial exterior finishes including roofing, exterior wall systems, commercial glazing and custom metal fabrication.

Being an exterior envelope construction company means all the planning, coordination, and construction is completed within a single company. Our portfolio of projects includes replacement, renovation, and new construction services for multi-family condo and apartment complexes, assisted living and care center complexes, hotels, office buildings, industrial office/shop facilities, schools, government offices, national park facilities, custom residences and single-family homes.

The key benefits of choosing Stonebrook:

  • Simplified Communication – One point of contact.
  • Reduced Administration – One company to pay.
  • Reduced Contract Management – All project field operations are coordinated through one individual.
  • Higher Quality – Our structured process reduces frustration as our Site Superintendents are highly skilled and trained in several trades.