Brandon Jensen

Position: Intern II—BluCor Design, Estimating, Project Management
Date Hired: October 1, 2018
Month Featured: February 2022
Where is your hometown?

Atkinson, NE

Where is your favorite place to eat or your favorite food?

Texas Roadhouse, Steak

What hobbies and interests do you do outside of work?

Drag Racing, Snowboarding, Fighter Jets, Outdoors, Hunting, Fishing

What is your favorite sport and sports team?

Football, Huskers

What is the first thing you would buy or do if you won the lottery?

Pay off my debt, then buy a fighter jet

What is the best vacation you’ve been on or a dream vacation you have?

I would like to see the Northern Lights

Before working at Stonebrook, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve had?

I used to work at a funeral home and would pick up the people who passed away and take them to the funeral home.

What do you like most about Stonebrook?

I have a really cool boss and feels like a second family

What has been your favorite project at Stonebrook?

I really like the projects that I get to freely design the project and add my own unique touches to it

What is a talent that you have that most people would not know about?

I can squeak like a mouse