Exterior spring-cleaning gives you a chance to get to know your home even better. Winter weather can damage the exterior of your home, which can gradually lead to more extensive problems if left unrepaired.

Just like any home project, it is easiest to approach a wide range of chores by dividing them into manageable areas and making a spring-cleaning checklist to help stay organized. As you check things off your list, be sure you do a visual inspection of your home’s exterior and make note of any damages you may find.


Home Exterior: Cleaning the actual structure of your house is easy and will instantly improve its appearance.

Windows: Washing windows and screens will give you a sparkling view of spring even if it’s still a bit too cold to be outside enjoying it as much as you want.

Gutters: Cleaning out rain gutters is a fall chore for many homeowners but checking them again in the spring will ensure that no debris has become clogged in them during winter storms.

Siding: Pressure wash the siding of your home to remove grime. Be sure to start at the highest points of your home to avoid washing dirt down onto clean areas.

Garage: Cleaning out the garage will give you more space for summer equipment such as bikes, outdoor games, and gardening equipment. This may be a good time to hold a yard sale as well.

Roof: Remove any debris off roof. Check flashing points for any potential problem areas, cut back any tree branches from the roof and look for any abnormalities to the roofing system.

If you see anything that concerns you, contact Stonebrook Exterior at 402-438-5559 to set up a FREE evaluation. One of our representatives will be able to confirm your suspicions and offer solutions. Before you know it, your home will be ready for spring and all the fun that comes with sunshine and warm weather.